The best and most beautiful things in the whole world cannot be seen or even touched -
they must be felt with the heart.

-      Helen Keller  –

Are you an adolescent, parent, or adult wanting to derive more meaning in your life, engage in healthy relationships and move through your world with more compassion for yourself? I would like to support you in navigating your way to that reality. In life, people have a tendency to take on beliefs, fears, and burdens which can act like a gale force wind propelling them backwards, or swirling them in place. I would like to collaborate with you to chart a course for wellness, and facilitate and witness the change you envision.

My role is to create a safe place and collaborative relationship where we can access your true self through compassion, curiosity, courage, clarity, confidence, and creativity.

In doing so, we can release all those parts which hold you back and help you move through life more easily. As your therapist, I see myself as a "hope merchant" and will offer an interactive, engaging and relational approach to our work together.

Nothing is impossible – the word is I'm possible.
-  Audrey Hepburn  -


One can not grow, learn, and connect unless they feel safe. I know from my own professional and personal experience, that for any healing to occur the client must feel safe and trust the therapist they work with. It is my intention to create a working relationship and space within my office to help my clients achieve the highest level of safety and trust; thereby fostering a healing environment.

My training and own personal growth has taught me we all have the qualities of a “true self” which we can draw  upon during your work in therapy and access after you have reached your wellness goals.

Find my office

26 School Street, 3rd Floor
Yarmouth, Maine

26 School Street, 3rd Floor Yarmouth, Maine

26 School Street, 3rd Floor
Yarmouth, Maine